Precision Stampings:

Owen Tool & Manufacturing Company utilizes a vast array of automatic stamping presses ranging from 8 tons to 100 tons. All of of our automatic presses are fitted with electronic or air-operated feeds and have integral electronic material and die protection. These presses are capable of producing thousands of pieces every hour accurately efficiently and economically. Our secondary operation presses allows us the flexibility to change part details quickly and economically. Ranging from 1 ton to 45 tons, our secondary presses are used to make assemblies, perform shaving operations punch new or enlarge existing holes, make forms and add part details. These capabilities coupled with our experience in manufacturing flow efficiency allows us to produce parts and assemblies to the following characteristics:

> Complex geometries for tolerance critical applications
> Deep-draw capabilities for housings typically employed in solenoid valves
> Miniature electrical contact configurations bulk packed or reel fed
> Decorative face plates and beze

Tool & Die Making:

As a service oriented company, Owen Tool & Manufacturing Company can make suggestions for the most cost-effective production runs. We have the ability to carry your ideas from proto-types, through pilot runs to full production quantities in the millions. All of our tooling is designed and produced in-house with the intricate shapes of the die set components accurately generated by wire EDM. Our tools are built with the highest quality of tool steels, heat treated for long lasting performance. Specialty grade tool steels, carbide and its derivatives are sometime used in tools where intricate part details pose issues in tool life. Our years of experience along with a staff of dedicated craftsmen allow us to offer our customers:

> Full service tool & die making
> Proto-type, short run and long run tooling
> Fast turn-around on high quality tools, economically priced

Value-Added Services

Owen Tool & Manufacturing Company has changed dramatically from its early years of being a single product manufacturer of precision stampings. Now a full source provider of innovative manufacturing solutions we have met the manufacturing needs for a host of industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Security, Firearms, Appliance, consumer and numerous others. Combining decades of engineering experience with a tradition of world class craftsmanship, Owen Tool & Manufacturing is equipped with both the technological resources and the knowledge to guarantee success for your most complex manufacturing project. 
These abilities enable our customers to enjoy the following Value-Added services:

~ Resistance welding, spot welding & brazing
~ Drilling, tapping, staking & reaming
~ Production milling & slotting
~ Machining & precision cut -off
~ Assembly
~ Vibratory and roll de-burring
~ Plating & anodizing
~Wire EDM service

Owen Tool is permanently closed. Please send all inquires to Tiger Enterprises Inc.
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About us

Owen Tool & Manufacturing Company is a family owned stamping company that uses skills developed over three generations to design and build tooling and dies that produce parts to your exact specifications.