As a service-oriented company, Owen Tool & Manufacturing is available to meet with you at the conception of a project. We can  make suggestions for the most cost-effective production runs. We have the ability to carry yours ideas through prototypes, sample lot productions, to full production quantities in the millions.

Secondary Operations

The secondary press line, from 1 to 37 tons, is used to make assemblies, perform shaving operations, add or enlarge holes and make forms. Stampings can be tapped with any size thread from 0-80 through 1/4-20. Temporary or permanent tools can be made to alter your existing products.

Large Press

The  100 ton capacity of the largest press allows us to produce precision stampings in steel up to 1/4 inch for heavy coining and forming operations. This production line is fully automated for small and large runs.

Small Press

The 8 to 20 ton presses are used for automatic running of light materials. An example of an intricate part that has been manufactured is a bracket made of .008 inch stainless steel, 1\16 by 1/8 inch with two forms and a washer made of .002 inch phosphor bronze.


Stampings are made from pre-finished materials, as well as plated, galvanized or painted surfaces. We have developed, through vendors, the ability to handle all of your plating needs, such as nickel,  zinc, 
black oxide, cadmium and anodization.


Aircraft, Appliances, Automotive,
Counters, Electronic, Lighting, Locks, 
Machinery, Military, Printing, Washers.


We can:
Solve your stamping design problems, assist you in the design of new parts or modification of existing parts, as well as design and manufacture your tooling and production needs.


Our facilities are housed in more than 10,000 square feet of space. We offer complete die making services. We have a fully automated, high speed production line and perform all secondary operations. We use vibrating deburrers and rolling barrels to finish the production cycle.


Four weeks are usually required to produce new orders;
two to three weeks for on-going projects. The inspection process is on-going beginning with tool design ad repeated checks on press. Small lot control with thorough inspection and analysis documents can be supplied for each lot when requested.


Cold Rolled Steel
Galvanized Metals
Precious Metals
Stainless Steel 
Various Insulating Material
And many others...


Bolt Stop

Computer Board Clips

Specialty Washers


Owen Tool is permanently closed. Please send all inquires to Tiger Enterprises Inc.
[email protected]  ~ 860.621.9155


149 Aircraft Road
Southington, CT, 06489, US

About us

Owen Tool & Manufacturing Company is a family owned stamping company that uses skills developed over three generations to design and build tooling and dies that produce parts to your exact specifications.